“Aaron brings a certain musicality to his playing and compositions. In a world full of technically competent guitarists, Aaron's dedication to the song works."
        - Steve Davison, Guitarist
"Lefebvre's path toward this musical end has been effectively enhanced by evolving as a completely self-trained guitarist, thus managing to isolate himself from influences of the 'outside' guitar world. With no such distractions he's been free to develop a self-reliant method of playing and composing music. Only a guitarist with such credentials could present a guitar workshop at a major university titled "The Art of Not Knowing". Fresh musical air! Take a breath."
        - Mark Bayer,
"I finally got to hear some of his music last night and I was very impressed!Aaron Lefebvre you have some amazing talent man! I was writing lyrics and filming videos in my mind while you played! Everyone check him out!"
        - Michelle, Facebook User
"Aaron can have a serious beard, when the mood takes him."
       - Raymond Morin, Acoustic Music Works
"Your music is like rain."
        - Emma, audience Member
"A nice accompaniment to the calm in the evening serenity..." 
       - Luisa, Facebook User