A modern musician with a heart full of the folk process, Aaron Lefebvre is a finger-style guitarist from Prosperity, PA. A modern tale of Appalachia: Aaron grew up in the rural hills of both Central and Southwestern Pennsylvania in a household where folk, blues, rock, and jazz were a constant presence in the air. Taking a self-taught approach inspired by the creative self-sustainable farm started by his young parents, his music combines traditional and folk guitar musings with modern finger-style techniques and technology that weave a musical narrative meant to inspire the imagination.

Aaron has shared stages with guitarists such as Antoine Dufour, Craig D'Andrea, Peter Janson, Steve Davison, Vin Downes, Ian Ethan Case, Daniel Bachman, Ryan Ayers, as well as singer-songwriters Jess Klein, Gaelyn Lea, Carrie Elkin, Edward David Anderson, and musical groups such as Della Mae and Bombadil.  He has also presented a guitar workshop at the University of Massachusetts Boston campus entitled, “The Art of Not Knowing,” an exploration of musical imagination and creative process. 

Aaron is also an advocate for the awareness of disabilities in the arts, with a focus on the music industry. He writes essays that explore the experiences he has had with blindness and low-vision while working as a musician and navigating an industry that is highly competitive, and which sometimes overlooks the unique qualities of musicians and artists with disabilities.

You can see Aaron in a multitude of settings including stage venues nation-wide, music festivals, local coffee shops, art galleries, weddings, house concerts, bars, and even his porch in Bangor, ME on nice days.

See tour dates, read blogs, view videos, and learn more about Aaron by visiting his website at www.AaronLefebvre.com, or by following him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


For booking inquiries send an email to aaronlef@icloud.com 



“Aaron brings a certain musicality to his playing and compositions. In a world full of technically competent guitarists, Aaron's dedication to the song works."
- Steve Davison, Guitarist

"Lefebvre's path toward this musical end has been effectively enhanced by evolving as a completely self-trained guitarist, thus managing to isolate himself from influences of the 'outside' guitar world. With no such distractions he's been free to develop a self-reliant method of playing and composing music. Only a guitarist with such credentials could present a guitar workshop at a major university titled "The Art of Not Knowing". Fresh musical air! Take a breath."
- Mark Bayer, Minor7th.com

"I finally got to hear some of his music last night and I was very impressed!Aaron Lefebvre you have some amazing talent man! I was writing lyrics and filming videos in my mind while you played! Everyone check him out!"
- Michelle, Facebook User

"Aaron can have a serious beard, when the mood takes him."
- Raymond Morin, Acoustic Music Works

"Your music is like rain."
- Emma, audience Member

"A nice accompaniment to the calm in the evening serenity..." - Luisa, Facebook User