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Dear Fan and Potential Patron,

Being an independent musician is tough, and often times, not very lucrative.  A majority of my income goes to expenses involving equipment, transportation, promotion, and music production.  While buying my music and attending shows are great ways to support what I do, donating is an even greater help.  When you become a patron, you enter into a relationship with me that puts you at the forefront of fandom!  Your contribution helps me attain new success, and helps me make even better music.  Supporters are so important to me, and I want to let others know about them, so, with your permission as a patron, you'll be listed on my website here so that others know that you've served a huge role in helping my music, and me as an artist.  


Eternal thanks to you for your support,

Patrons And Supporters

  • Bob Bonnet (Indiana, PA)
  • Darlene Bigler (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • Maraina Miles (Butler, PA)